Bad Holiday Habits

The Holidays are Fun, but Your Irvine CA Family Dentist Wants to Celebrate Your Smile, Too!


We’re in the midst of one of the biggest holiday seasons around, so it’s no surprise that there will be much more indulging in treats and sweets than usual. Unfortunately, many people don’t think of the consequences when it comes to these meals since the holiday spirit is in full effect. When it comes to bad holiday habits, your Irvine CA family dentist wants to make sure that you’re still treating your teeth with care, so we want you to avoid these harmful moments:


Chewing on Ice
It’s no surprise that many people are prone to chew on ice. They believe that there’s no harm in doing so, so there’s no need to worry. Unfortunately, ice is much more harmful to your teeth than you may know! They can shock the nerve in your tooth because of its extremely cold temperature. Also, your teeth aren’t strong enough to chew and break ice, so this can cause cracks, chips, and even fractures.


Hard Candies
Although it’s candy cane season, there’s still a hefty amount of sugar in them, despite their minty flavor. Sucking on hard candies allows the sugar and bacteria to stick and linger in your mouth and on your teeth. This increases the risks in cavities and can slowly but surely cause tooth decay.


Nail Biting
The holidays can be stressful and many patients find relief in the oral fixation of biting their nails. But people don’t realize that it’s very harmful to your smile. The bacteria under your nails gets transferred into your mouth, affecting your teeth and your oral health in general. Plus, nails can easily get stuck between your teeth and become difficult to remove, as well as giving you an uncomfortable feeling in your mouth. Avoid this as much as possible!


It’s fun and exciting to celebrate the holidays, but your Irvine CA family dentist doesn’t want you to forget about your teeth! Contact our office in order to improve your smile for all of your family and friends to see this holiday season by calling (714) 731-8810.